Hair Care Tips

Hair of America Hair Care Instructions

  •  Wash your hair weekly with a mild shampoo starting with the scalp down to the hair edges. Work slowly so that you do not tangle the hair extensions.
  •  Wash the hair gently in a downward motion with your palms, do not scrub or bunch the hair together as this will cause open cuticles to rub against each other causing friction.
  • After washing use a light conditioner to keep the hair extensions smooth and silky. It is best to do a deep conditioning at least once a month. For coloured extension do a deep conditioning treatment every two weeks so that the extensions are smooth and silky.
  •  Ensure that you rinse out the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly so that there is no product build-up which will negatively impact your scalp.
  •  Do not rub but rather pat dry. Frequent heat will destroy virgin Brazilian hair extensions. 
  •  Tools that you will need for combing hair extensions, are a wide toothed comb or a weave brush to carefully comb and style your hair extensions. Work slowly from section to section to avoid tugging or pulling which may lead to breakage. 
  • If the extensions or your scalp is dry, apply a light oil or moisturize your scalp as you comb it out.
  •  For long lasting hair extensions, moisturize your hair as you do your skin, it makes perfect sense.